PUBG for Ps4 Players 2019: Presents a New Exclusive Object

PUBG for Ps4: Not long ago, PUBG finally announced its arrival on PS4 for pc and did so by presenting a series of cosmetics aimed exclusively at the audience of the console. Those who book the game will have access to the full skin of Nathan Drake, the Uncharted saga and Ellie’s iconic backpack from The Last of Us.

PUBG for Ps4 Players

PUBG for Ps4

These items are available with the reservation , recently BlueHole has announced a new cosmetic that can be obtained without necessarily having made the reservation, you simply have to connect to the game at some time on the day of release . It is a blue parachute with the peculiar “protagonist” of PUBG, with the characteristic attire and represented in the style “Pixel Art”.

Remember that PUBG ended the campaign “Fix PUBG” not long ago, an initiative that had a clear objective, improve the performance and operation of the game on all its platforms . Seen the results, it seems that PlayStation 4 will be the platform that receives the game in better condition, because of course, those who have been playing on PC since the beginning have seen virtually everything.

PUBG arrives at PS4 on December 7th , coinciding with another very marked release, such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


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